Tell us what you think – Consultation on improving how patients and the public can help develop NICE guidance and standards

I’m getting in touch to let you know that this week, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has launched a set of new proposals to improve how we deliver patient and public involvement within our organisation. These proposals are now available on the NICE website in draft, and we’re keen to hear what your colleagues and members think of them before they’re finalised early next year. I’d be really grateful if you could help us spread the word about this important work through your networks and communication channels.

Our commitment to hearing public voices is a routine and crucial part of how we develop NICE guidance and standards. For this reason, it was vital for us to review our whole approach to lay involvement – to find out how we can improve on what we’re doing already, and how we can ‘future proof’ this work as NICE continues to change and develop.

After carrying out a year-long review, which involved talking to stakeholders – both inside and outside NICE – and reviewing studies of best practice for layperson involvement, we’ve taken all of this information on board and converted it into a set of principles and proposals. We hope these will ensure that our ‘front door’ is always open and welcoming to everyone who wants to work with NICE.

You can access our new proposals: ‘Improving how patients and the public can help develop NICE guidance and standards’ here. Our consultation is now open for comments and will run until 28 February 2017.