Pennine Acute – June ‘Medicine for Members’ talk

Our June ‘Medicine for Members’ event is a free talk ‘Looking after ourselves – A crash course in Wellbeing and Mindfulness’ with Lindsay Eavis, Curriculum Delivery Facilitator, on Friday 9th June, (2.00 pm – 3.00 pm) – Room D3, Education Centre, Rochdale Infirmary.

The talk gives an overview of the initiatives in place to support employees working for the Trust and will also include a brief look at the different dimensions of health to enable us all to make the right choices for ourselves. Wellbeing is much broader than simply our physical health. It includes our psychological wellbeing as well, and in this busy world we live in, it is more crucial than ever to find ways of coping with the stresses and anxieties of everyday life.

The event is free and open to staff, patients, public and Trust Members. To book your place please contact Angela Greenwood on 01706 517302 or email