In collaboration, two local Health and Social Care watchdogs which include Healthwatch Bury (HWB) and Healthwatch Rochdale (HWR) have worked together to collect patient’s views and opinions around Pennine Acute Hospital Trust (PAHT) services

 Following patient feedback that raised concerns about Fairfield Hospital, which is located in Bury, HWR escalated this issue with the service provider and investigated further. During the time of investigation, HWR received more negative feedback on other PAHT services. This then initiated contact with HWB and trends in feedback appeared around the PAHT.

The survey itself was completed by 305 services users. Responses were collected through an online form which was located on both the HWB and HWR website, as well as social media platforms. Also staff member from each of the two Healthwatch’s attended the 4 main PAHT sites and conducted the survey face to face with service user.

Jane Jackson, Chair, of Healthwatch Rochdale said, “Healthwatch is here to support your rights and choices in accessing health and social care services, and to make sure that the patient voice reaches the ears of the decision makers. To do this Healthwatch has to use a variety of methods to engage with the general public allowing them the opportunity to tell their story and share their feedback.

 The findings outlined in the attached PAHT report outline that the majority service users felt the service they received at the PAHT sites was “good” and/or “outstanding”. Although the report does highlight key areas were service users felt improvements could be made.


Healthwatch Bury/Healthwatch Rochdale Pennine Acute Trust Hospital Services report.