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Would you know how to spot a scam? Order our new free guide Scamwise today to help you spot, avoid & report scams.

We’ve launched a new, free guide, called Scamwise: Spotting, avoiding and reporting scams, to help older people and their families recognise scams and know what to do if they spot one or if they think they have been the victim of a scam, as well as advice on how to protect themselves from being scammed. An estimated half a million older people in the UK have fallen victim to a scam*. However, the real number could be much higher because many people may feel embarrassed to admit they’ve been conned. Although anyone can be the victim of a scam, older people may be more vulnerable because scams often target people who live alone, are at home during the day, have more savings and valuables and are willing to talk to fraudsters.

Order your free copy of Scamwise today by calling 0800 319 6789 or visit our website to order online, where you can also take our Scamwise quiz:

*Age UK, Only the tip of the iceberg: Fraud against older people, April 2015, p.6