This page applies to Greater Manchester Patient Transport Services provided by Arriva Pateint Transport Solutions (Arriva PTS).

There may be differences between services mentioned here and those for other regions.

arriva PTSThe Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) in Greater Manchester is provided by Arriva Transport Solutions. This service is for patients who due to a medical condition cannot make their own way to NHS appointments.

The service is available to people who need to travel to and from a NHS hospital appointment or treatment centre, when they are discharged from hospital or if they need to be transferred between treatment centres.

The contact number for people in the Bury area is

Tel: 0161 762 3155 option 1

Hours: Mon – Thurs 8:30am – 5:00pm

Fri 8:30am – 4:45pm

For more information please click on the information leaflet below.

Enhancing patient experience through the use of technology

Patients who use the patient transport service provided by Arriva Transport Solutions in Greater Manchester will now be able to use their smartphone or tablet device to give us feedback on our service.


The app, called ‘Talk to’ is available to download through the app store on any smartphone or tablet device and can be used by patients: their carers, relatives and hospital staff.  We will respond to messages in real time Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, outside of these hours an automated message will be sent and then followed up the next working day.


The app is specifically for feedback on the patient transport service, as Arriva Transport Solutions strives to improve the quality of care it delivers for patients.  It will also provide further insight into what is most important for patients with regard to their transport.   The app will be publicised through posters on the ambulances and through liaison points in certain hospitals. Feedback can be given on specific elements of a patient’s experience or journey, the ambulance crews, the bookings centre or overall.


Depending on your device you can download the app using the links below;


Apple Store –

Google Play –


We hope the feedback app will be a positive addition to our patient feedback methods providing an innovative way of engaging wider with not just patients but those who come into contact with our service on a regular basis.



Information Leaflet

Arriva Complaints, concerns and compliments policy